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What is the function of hot air stove machine
Dec 01, 2018

What is the function of hot air stove machine ?

During the process of bamboo product making, ex. if you make 

bamboo into 2.0mm diameter, length: 1.9 meter stick. 

After you made the fresh bamboo stick, you need to do chemical treatment 

of bamboo stick.

After boiling, there are two ways of drying the bamboo stick, 

1. Drying under sunshine

2. Drying in the drying room .

In Rainy days, you can not drying the stick outside. 

So, how to supply heat for the drying room?

There are two machine for options, 

One is Steam boiler 

Another is hot air stove.

The function of these two machine is same, by burning the wastage of bamboo

and then generate steam or heat. 

For budget, hot air stove is less and they ways of drying is more direct. 

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