Bamboo Toothpick Making Machine

  • Bamboo Toothpick Machine

    Bamboo Toothpick Machines (complete line introduction, concerned questions)
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  • Bamboo Toothpick Production Line

    It is consisted by the following machines, (KEY MACHINES) Brand: BESTA (1) ZG-1 Raw Bamboo Sawing Machine (2) ZP-2500 Bamboo Splitting Machine (3) MZP-3 Fixed Width Slicer (4) MZP-1 Small Layering Machine (5) MBZS-5 Bamboo Wool Slicer (stick making) 2.0mm (6) BJQ-6 Precise...
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  • Bamboo Sawing Machine

    ZG-1 Raw Bamboo Sawing Machine is used for raw bamboo sawing and cutting. After the bamboo is transported to the factory from mountain, we will cut the bamboo Into certain length, ex. 1.9 meter. It is widely applied in the bamboo processing machine production line. In the...
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  • Bamboo Splitting Machine

    ZP-2500 Bamboo Splitting Machine-The main function of this machine is to split the raw bamboo pole into bamboo strip with certain width. It is widely applied in the bamboo processing machine production line. In the primary stage of processing bamboo, it is needed. It can be...
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  • Fixed Width Slicer

    MZP-3 Machine-It mainly has three functions, 1. Setting the width and thickness of bamboo strip 2. Removing the bamboo knots inside and outside for strip 3. Separating green layer from yellow layer. It is widely applied in the bamboo processing machine production line. In the...
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  • Bamboo Strip Layering Machine

    1. MZP-1 Small Layering Machine--It is used after MZP-3 fixed width slicer machine. The main function of this machine is to layer thick bamboo strip into thinner ones. Ex. If the standard size strip is 6mm thickness, MZP-1 machine function is to layer the strip into 2 pcs of...
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  • Bamboo Wire Drawing Machine

    MBZS-5 Bamboo wool slicer (stick making machine)--It is mainly used for making standard size bamboo strip into different size of bamboo stick. If you wish to make bamboo toothpick, the diameter you shall make is 2.0mm. For bamboo toothpick, the international standard size is...
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  • Toothpick Length Cutting Machine

    BJQ-6-The Main Function of this machine is setting the length of the bamboo stick into 65mm. The standard size of bamboo toothpick is 2.0*65mm. For this machine, it is equipped with 6 pcs of high quality saws and after cutting, you will get 5 bundles of bamboo stick with...
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  • Toothpick Polishing Machine High Speed

    BPG-1G-This machine is our newly designed machine. Compared to previous design, this machine enjoy the merits of high speed, Unqualified stick removing and high efficiency in polishing. It is applied in bamboo toothpick polishing. This machine is specialized made according to...
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  • Toothpick Sharpening Machine

    BXJ-1S-It is our latest design for toothpick shape forming. There are two types machines for choosing. Type (1)-Double Pointed Toothpick Sharpening Machine Type (2)-Single Pointed Toothpick Sharpening Machine If you want to make both types, you shall order 2 sets of toothpick...
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  • Blade Sharpening Machine for Bamboo Machine

    This machine is applied in the machine maintaining. In bamboo processing production line, some machine has flat blade, shaping blade, (cutters), it need specially made blade grinding machine to sharp. Techincal Data General Motor : 0.75 KW Water Pump Power: 90W Main Axis...
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  • Toothpick Bottle Filling Machine

    MACHINE TECHNICAL DATA MODEL: GZ-30 WORKING VOLTAGE: 380V, 50HZ Speed: 10 to 30 containers/Minute ItIs designed for automatic filling weighing long toothpick development and design of new products, which after a long time to improve and test, with double rotary vibration...
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