Bamboo Stick Making Machine

  • Bamboo Stick Manufacturing Production Line

    It is consisted by the following machines, (KEY MACHINES) Brand: BESTA (1) ZG-1 Raw Bamboo Sawing Machine (2) ZP-2500 Bamboo Splitting Machine (3) MZP-3 Fixed Width Slicer (4) MZP-1 Small Layering Machine (5) MBZS-4 Bamboo Wool Slicer (stick making) 1.3mm to 8mm (6) BJQ-1...
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  • MBZS-2A Bamboo Stick Making for Incense Industry

    In some countries like India, Indonesia, or Thailand, their bamboo species is with the following characteristic, ex. When the bamboo strip is passing by the bamboo wool slicer, the KNOT PART will be easily broken which leads the stick is broken.  For this type of bamboo...
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  • MBZS-3A Bamboo Stick Processing Machine

    Detailed Machine Technical Data Model: MBZS-3A Name: Bamboo Wool Slicer, Stick Making Machine Brand: BESTA Application: Incense Making Industry Feeding Speed: 65M/MIN Main Axis Rotation Speed: 3500 R/MIN The Minimum Length it can process : 17CM Machine Size: 850*950*980MM...
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  • Round Stick Manufacturing Machine

    MBZS-4 Bamboo wool slicer (stick making machine)--It is mainly used for making standard size bamboo strip into different size of bamboo stick. If you wish to make for bbq stick, the diameter you shall make is 2.5mm, 3.0mm If you wish to make for round chopstick, the diameter...
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  • MBZS-4 Bamboo Big Size Stick Making Machine

    MBZS-5 Bamboo wool slicer (stick making machine)--It is mainly used for making standard size bamboo strip into different size of bamboo stick. By equip different size of shaping blade, you can make different size of products. If you want to make different shape of stick ,for...
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  • Hot Air Stove Machine for Drying Room

    RFL-70 Hot Air Stove Machine--The main function is to burn the bamboo wastage into heat and this heat will be used for drying the stick in the drying room. Application: Bamboo Processing production line. Detailed Machine Technical Data Main Stove Body: 1 SET Machine Size:...
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  • Bamboo Stick Boiling Tank

    SST-200 Stainless Steel Tank, Boling Tank This machine is used in bamboo toothpick, chopstick, bbq stick, flooring production lines. It is used for boiling the bamboo strip or sticks-Chemical treatment. After you made the BAMBOO STICK (Fresh), you need to boil the stick in...
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  • Electric Hoist for Bamboo Stick Lifting

    Model: EH-3T Name: Electric Hoist Power: 4.5 KW Lifting Capacity: Max. 3 Tons Function: This machine is used as auxliary equipment for bamboo stick production lines. It is for lifting the bamboo stick into stainless steel boiling tank. For bamboo toothpick,...
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  • Accessoreis for Bamboo Stick Making Factory

    Refractory bricks and other accessories it is used for build the stove for the stainless steel tank. For 1 complete producton line for toothpick,chopstick,bbq stick, we suggest you to buy 2 sets of stainless steel boiling tank and 2 sets of refractory bricks & accessories.
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